Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My House, Rye House

Today I was lucky enough to have lunch again with the stunning Adele Nilsson and her team from Heering and Xante, this time at The Rye House and the lovely ladies of LUPEC.

Once again the Coffee Heering was a hit as were the fresh cocktails from Ricky Broni. I am just sorry the ladies missed the hot shirtless man meat we had in the presentation the day before.

Our lunch had some hot meat too. Delicious beef wellington, cuban sandwiches, and stunner called the Pittsburgh. This Steel City sandwich had sausage cole slaw and french fries, yes french fries in the melty toast sandwich of the Gods. It was this sandwich, coupled with a few Manhattans and Brooklyns that inspired a 2:30am bus ride to Atlantic City. Yes, this is the sandwich that begot 36 straight hours of decadence, debauchery and fun. Yum!

GO to Rye House now and get some!

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