Monday, October 26, 2009

Bartender's Choice

This is my favorite game to play. Some bars actually list this on their menu as an option. Little Branch is one of my favorite places because I have never been unhappy with Bartender's choice...and I have never even met a bartender there due to the lack of seating at the bar. Big kudos go to the fantastic cocktail ladies who have always taken such good care of me at Little Branch.

Still, even with bartender friends, this can me a tricky choice. I like Rye (no secret there) and I often like to use that as a guiding spirit in my Bartender's choice. But If I wanted a Sazerac, I would have ordered one. Bartender's choice should be a chance to play, invent, make up something new. And that is just what I got from my dear friend James at The Porterhouse this evening.

Into a shaker went Rye (Ri), Cherry Heering, maraschino liquor, whiskey barrel aged bitters, a splash of OJ and mint. Out came and delicious and utterly new concoction. Francine said it was the kind of drink she would like poured all over her body for a lover to taste. Yum.. I concur.

And the kicker was when I asked what this new drink was called, James responded, "Why The Abigail of course. Of course. My own cocktail tailored especially for me. Exactly what a Bartender's Choice should be.

Thank you my dear James!
The Abigail and James

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