Friday, August 21, 2009

Flowers and Syrup

With the oppressive heat we have been having lately, I have been keeping my cocktails light and sweet. Last week for Jonah's birthday I made a Groinstrong Margarita with watermelon and hibiscus. And then promptly left my favorite shaker at his house...oh I'd blame the alcohol but I know its the heat cause me to have a mental breakdown.

I also stayed up too late one night to make a batch of Orange flower and lavender syrup. (thanks to Heidi for the lavendar flowers!). My Brain, having melted somewhat in the heat, somehow reversed the simple recipe for simple syrup. I put in 3 cups of sugar to 6 cups of water. A trip back to the bodega and 18 cups of sugar later, I finally had orange and lavender simple syrups and lots of it!

Too bad I did not wait til Wednesday and see this recipe in the in NY Times.

Their article starts my quoting my dear Junior Merino, the Liquid Chef behind the fantastic drinks at The Moderne. Using the flowers not only for beauty, but also taste is a great idea. You eat and drink with all your senses..and even with your memories.

Ever since I was in elementary school and had a crush on Teddy Hengstenberg, leading to hours spent at his family shop, Theo Henstinberg and sons Florist, I have been in love with flowers. My first job was at a florist making bouquets and boutonnieres for a wedding. My signature drink for Derby Day 2008 was a Jasmine Julep with purple and white orchids for a garnish. And don't forget about my Lavendar-mint and Rosmary Resters!

Oh, NY Times, when are you going to start quoting me!?

Groinstrong Margarita
3oz Luna Sueno Blanco
1 1/2 oz Lime

1 bar spoon hibiscus powder

fresh chunk watermelon

agave to taste

put ingredients in shaker over ice and shake vigorously

"How to Sip a Flower"
[NY Times]

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