Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three of my favorite things...

The delicate kick ass Damiana flower
My sweet darling LeNell posted a cocktail containing both Tequila and Damiana. Damiana is an herbal liquor made from a flower that grows in Baja Mexico (LeNell's favorite spot!). Legend is that it can be a female aphrodisiac. The patriarchal machismo government even went so far as to ban the production of the liquor, lest the poor females get too...satisfied?

I will never understand the oppression of women. Don't they realized how successful and peaceful a society can become if all the women are content and happy? Have they never heard of "Hell Hath No Fury..."?
As you could see from my blog picture, I did grow up thinking there was this wonderful peaceful world of powerful woman who ruled the beautiful Paradise Island. I still want to be an Amazon when I grow up.

I first found a bottle of Damiana is a little liquor store in Westchester. And I got to work with her at Tales of the Cocktail in a delicious Liquid Chef cocktail. The darling Heidi and Junior also let me use a tincture of Damiana in one of my Lab cocktails (6/21 shout out!).

She comes in a very lovely shapely bottle. She is delicious in Margaritas and should be used with great care and me. I like to keep a bottle of her next to my bed for luck, don't ya know!

Lovely Lady Damiana

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Carmen Operetta said...

Hey girlie,

I found out about Damiana a long time ago. You can buy it at the Vitamin Shoppe in it's original form. I put it in my tea, juices, and of course my LIBATIONS! It makes me feel so relaxed and "ready".........