Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Three Favorite Things

This is in response to a request from my darling Francine!

RyeGirl’s top 3 food experience at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans 2009
(I am leaving out the Spirited Dinner, because that was a drink extravaganza in another catagory and I want to focus on “experience” and “food”)

3) After two hours sleep, a flight from Newark, and straight into 6 hours prepping and serving cocktails, I managed to stumble over to Acme, plant my ass at the bar and start ordering a plethora of food deliciousness. The charbroiled oysters with cheese, po boys (oyster, shrimp and soft shell crab), raw oysters, crawdad hush puppies…all washed down with fresh Abita beer. I was so intent on my eating and drinking, I had an entire conversation with the man sitting next to me before we both looked up and realized we knew each other! It was David from Siembra Azul and we have just spent 6 hours working together. Now, we were so focused on the feast before us, we did not realize we were sitting together! We laughed, he bought us some beers, then we took those beers for a walk around town. Love that open container law!

2) After two full days of tasting and events and more cocktails than I could mention, I just wanted a nice modest, quiet, delicious dinner with a glass of wine and good company. I got it at GW Fins. We started with a glass of Champagne then some tasty perfectly cooked seafood and a glass of wine. I openly wept from absolute contentment when a scallop passed over my lips. Strawberry shortcake for dessert and I was ready to lie down on a bed of berries and cream and slumber the dreams of angels.

1) Without a doubt the best meal came Thursday morning. It was 10:40am, a weird time for breakfast and is there brunch on the weekdays in NOLA? We call Luke’s and they invite us over, even though technically they were not open yet for lunch. But could it be a brunch? I ordered my first cocktail, a creamy absinthe fizz, we also get fresh pressed coffee and a pitcher of Orange Juice. Tons of liquids? Brunch? Check! We order ½ dozen oysters. Carlos, God of all waiters, brings us 7 giant oysters that taste like they were caught about ten minutes ago. Carlos, you have a boat back there? Then I order a fresh crabmeat omelet with salad AND French fries (love that!). Dave gets the gulf shrimp and grits en cocotte. Omelet and Grits? Check! They also had copies of the NY Times and the Times-Picayune… This is a BRUNCH, BABY!! I was feeling like I could move here..not to New Orleans..move into this restaurant…Carlos will you be my roommate?

God bless Carlos, God bless Luke’s, God bless New Orleans, God Bless America and all its wonderful bounty! I am SAVED! Hallelujah!

Utter Contentment at Luke's

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