Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Things I learned at Tales of the Cocktail

  • I have endless amounts of strength and endurance when it comes to spirits and food.
  • Thank goodness for the above. I needed every bit of it to make it through Tales.
  • Real Louisiana boys are rare and special. When you meet one, its like riding a unicorn.
  • I would like to drink nothing but coffee with chicory evermore.
  • I can fall in love 2 and a half times in little less than 4 days.
  • I don't know why beignets come in three when I can only consume one.
  • New Orleans likes their cocktails sweet.
  • Germany is perceived as the Ohio of Europe here in the states.
  • I don't care about cooties and I will put my lips on any bottled offered to me...
  • But I would never take my shoes off anywhere near The Olde Absinthe House.
  • Sleep? Who needs that?
  • Hangovers can be avoided if you just never stop eating and drinking.
  • There is some sort of Voodoo blessing on me that makes me charming, witty and pretty within the confines of the Crescent City.
  • I should move to New Orleans as soon as possible. (see above)
  • Jesus and his followers were probably alcoholics, "Look Jesus! A puddle! Look!"
  • GatahChop: when you are down for the count in NOLA.
  • Bacon sandwiches made with french toast and dipped in maple syrup. That is all.
  • Texas has adorable people in it.
  • If I wanted to get married and have kids, once again, I have chosen the wrong profession.
  • But everyone had dogs instead of kids and showed pictures on their phones squealing, "Look at my Baby!", so I guess I fit in.
  • Oysters are good. Shrimp is good. Hush Puppies are good. Scallops are...well you get the idea.
  • Cute bartenders from LA make a good Birthday gift (Enjoy your presents Andrea!)
  • Carlos at Luke is my favorite waiter in New Orleans. Go visit him now.
  • I like a town where everyone wears a dapper hat.
  • I would like to spend part of every day poolside with a frosty cocktail.
  • Karaoke in New Orleans can be a drag.
  • Why sing with crappy background music when you have great live stuff all around you?
  • I, apparently, live in the center of the cocktail universe and all my local favorites (Clover, Pegu) are the best cocktail bars in the world.
  • But apparently the judges don't go abroad much so I still need to visit friends in Amsterdam, LA, Belfast, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, Munich, Tokyo, etc...and judge for myself!
  • Belfast got its cocktail on! Gotta be better than Dublin (up the Dubs!)
  • Textquited: when you quit your job via a text message.
  • The people in this new business can be kind, generous and very sweet. Much like the aforementioned NOLA cocktail.
  • What am I forgetting? Probably a lot.
Poolside libations


Carmen Operetta said...

OMG! Abbi you are so frickin funny! I feel the same way on almost everything you listed!

Luv ya,
Carmen Operetta

WonderGirl said...

Right back at ya, Luv! Tales reunion at Prime Meats on Saturday July 25th. Be there!