Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Come From Behind

Today my beloved softball team, The Magnetic Fielders, had an amazing come from behind victory. After giving up 9 runs in the first inning, we came back a won 13-12 in extra innings. I was so jazzed up and totally ready to celebrate despite coming off of 4 days in New Orleans and beer pong and a Mets game yesterday. But the game took a lot out of me and I was thirsty! And I guess I was still feeling creative from the Tales adventure in NOLA and I had the lovely Noelle make up a new beer cocktail.

Its a variation on the Sweet Leaf at the Bell House, a sweet concoction of muddled lemon, sweet tea vodka and club soda. I decided to skip the soda and top it with a Presidente instead. Noelle added some lime too and with the beer back on the side I felt this was a drink ready to quench my victorious thirst. I love drinks that give you a bit extra on the side, like the Makers 8 at Floyd. I also like that the drink can change over time and you have some control over how the drink mixes. It might also be nice with a salted rim, if you want to cut the sweetness.

Sparky called it the El President Te. But in honor of our victory today, Colonel Boyd suggested The Come From Behind. As he says,"It can work on many levels..."

Either way, this drink can come up and surprise you!

The Come From Behind
3oz Sweet Tea Vodka

Muddle lemon and lime in a pint glass, add ice and vodka and shake well. Top with more ice and a lightish beer like Presidente.

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I mean, it pretty much named itself. I was merely the medium for the message.