Thursday, January 29, 2009

And Extra Share for the Angels!

Hooray! We have a drinker in the White House again! And he has invited the powers that be over for a Cocktail party! Oh how to a wrangle an invite? And since not one republican voted for the STIM bill, maybe he should have gotten them liquored up before the vote? Loosen some of those republican tight purse strings and high moral hypocrisy.

Last week I was blessed to spend inauguration night with LeNell and friends at Bobo in the Village. We toasted the new president with his blue signature Obamatini (Blue curacao, Vodka, Orange bitters) and danced the night away with a funky and soulful James Brown cover band. And I actually had a drink handed to me by cocktail God Eben Freeman! My heart flutters!

I may not be rubbing shoulders with the stiffs in Washington, but I still got plenty of stiff drinks around me here in NYC. Thank the goddess since this January has been a tough one. And it is still 18 days from Pitchers and Catchers...sigh.

This isn't Bush's White House

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