Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hop to it Brooklyn!

I was singing the praises of Six Point's Hop Obama to my dad this past weekend. Even though he works in the city he likes to do his beer drinking in the comfort of his home, so I was trying to think of a way I could get this fresh Brooklyn tap beer to his lips. Lo and behold, my darling Shane from Six Point Craft Ales is in the New York Times today talking about brewing the first bottled beer in Brooklyn since the 1970's! Go Boys go!

Until then..I am off to Whole Foods or Bierkraft for a Growler. Grrrr...

[NY Times]

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O said...

Ok, first of all -- just found your site. Love it. 2. I, too, was wonderwoman at a young age. cape, underoos and all. (your getup was way more bling than mine. lucky b*tch) 3. I was just in Denver and they sell Obamanator beer. I was feeling too cocktailish and so didn't try it, but maybe worth exploring?