Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mexican Summer

We finally had an August day here in NYC...September 14th. To celebrate this last burst of Mexican summer I made a perfect Margarita. I only wish I was sippin' it by the sea, Mamacita! And I like my Margarita's like my relationships end up...on the Rocks. No worries though, this one takes the pain away. Thanks to Inked Magazine for the tequila!

Tattooed Margarita

1800 Tequila
Triple Sec
St Germain Liquor
Lime Juice
Agave Syrup

Pour ingredients over rocks, shake well and pour into large pint glass. Think of Frida and Diego and let the pain fade into memories of the beauty. Like getting a tattoo, hopefully the beauty will stay when the hurt drifts away.

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