Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kentucky Tea

The term "Kentucky Tea" can be slang for Bourbon, or a tall drink involving bourbon, ginger ale and maybe some triple sec. But to me that is a Maker's 8: Makers and Ale-8, a Kentucky caffeinated ginger ale that is a must when I take the court at Floyd to play with Joanie Loves Bocce. But being a lover of a tall glass of ice tea in the summertime, I wanted to create a real Kentucky tea with bourbon and iced tea.

Luckily, while escaping to the mountain cabin this past summer solstice weekend, the ingredients presented themselves. I prefer my iced tea unsweetened, but to mellow out the whiskey with a touch of sweetness I found a bottle of Wild Turkey Honey Liquor
buried in the back of the upstate liquor reserves. This bottle I have is old school and the brand has since been re-vamped and repackaged as American Honey. But its still tasted good while swinging on the hammock enjoying the perfect summer day.

Unfortunately it did not have the same effect on my bocce play as my treasured Maker's 8's and I loss the second game of the day. But I will not blame the Tea..it could have been my Dad's higher proportion of Italian blood. Better to play the bocce, better to drink the bourbon.

Kentucky Tea (Catskill Version)
Bourbon or Canadian Whiskey (Dad's Choice)
Fresh brewed Iced Tea
American Honey (Wild Turkey Honey Liquor)
Splash of Lemon
Splash of soda

Pour all ingredients in a tall Collins glass over cracked ice with a lemon wedge.

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