Monday, January 14, 2008

Ludachristmas Cocktails

Sorry so late getting this post up. This year the holidaze were kinda shite. There was no full out party this year at mi casa, but I was commissioned to do the cocktails at my office xmas party. There is a wide variety of people I work with so I tried to please everyone. The Christmas Sparkler and Under the Mistletoe was a great success, especially in Kent's trademarked Green and Red pitchers. Thanks Kenton!

I also had a private tasting with my foodie boss where I introduced him to my classic Ginger Old Fashioned and my new twist on the EO Ginger Smash.

Christmas Sparkler

Cranberry juice

Pomegranate juice

Lime juice

Sparkling cider or wine
Pomegranate seeds

Under The Mistletoe

Midori Liquor

White Rum

Pineapple juice

Soda Water

Ginger Smash

Fresh cranberries

Apple Cider


Fresh Ginger
Good Gin (Beefeater Wet, Millers)

Ginger Old Fashioned

Ginger infused Bourbon

Orange bitters

Old fashioned bitters



Soda Water

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