Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Holidaze 2005! Its our 3rd Annual!

Our party this year had a New Orleans flavor, quite literaly as we used products we got in New Orleans one week before Katrina hit. There is just something about that city. I lived in DC on and off for 5 years and I still can't get around. I have been to the Cresent city 4 times in my life and I know that whole city like the back of my hand! Its got some powerful mojo.

Here is Adam's Turducken. What a beauty!

This thing cut so beautifuly and the three kinds of stuffing were amazing! And despite have a lot of hungry drunk people at the party, we had pleantly left over to take to the Fam's house the next day for Christmas Eve dinner.

Check out the Oysters Rockafeller and the Jambalya on the right!

Good Times were had by all! Except maybe the dogs, who were foreced to wear humiliating outfits.

Those poor creatures!
We did have a bit of trivia and rasied over $100 for hurricane & earthquake relief. I chose Habitat for Humanity, because we all think about what Home means this time of year and we need to reach out to all to give them a good comfortable sense of "Home". And an actual structure would be nice too.

Here was the Drink Menu:

New Orleans Cocktail
The Obituary
Hurricanes (but good ones)

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