Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Negroni Week

In honor of Negroni Week, we are doing a host of variations at SoBou.  A carbonated classic version, a mezcal version and even a sherry version because it is also Sherry Week!

Here is a popular nergroni variation from last year's summer menu.  

Dizzy Blonde Negroni
Build in soda siphon, batching for 7 cocktails
7 oz  Gin,
7 oz Aperol
7 oz Dolan dry vermouth,
3 ½ oz Cointreau,
3 ½ oz water
served carbonated from a soda siphon into a OF glass filled with ice
Garnish: Grapefruit twist
Both the soda siphon and the batched cocktail should be kept cold in the freezer or refrigerator to get maximum fizziness from the siphon.

This is a light aperitif cocktail.  It would pair well with cured meats, cheese, olives and pickles.  Brunchy food, it would be divine with a quiche.

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