Monday, January 20, 2014

I Love My Job

Nothing like a wonderful guest to bring an end to 12 hour shift.

My Hamlet won a contest in Denmark and he is coming to to my city!  He won with a Sidecar, which is probably my favorite drink…shhh..don't tell the Manhattan.

The unique twist on his Sidecar was a Champagne syrup. Its simply two parts sugar to bubbly.  I had a mistake glass of cava and some sugar in the raw so I made it happen tonight at the bar and, spoilers…ITS DELICIOUS!!

So I tried Hamlet's Sidecar out on this lovely couple from Houston and they loved it.  And I loved them.  I am still playing with the perfect proportions, but you should too.  Just make this yummy syrup and play.

Hamlet's Syrup
2 parts Sugar
1 park cava, champagne or dry sparkling wine (finally something to do with it when it goes flat!)


Eileen Charbonneau said...

Use for leftover champagne is always welcome!!

Garrett Scott said...

We love your job too! That sidecar was the perfect end, so glad we made it to SoBou. I'm going to have to make room for some champagne syrup at home.

Also, yay new cocktail blog!

WonderGirl said...

Really…who has "leftover" champagne?