Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rock Stars

Rock Stars
One of the best things about my job is the delightful wonderful charming lovely people I get to meet.  Thanks to my dear friend Lorelei, and some positive Yelp reviews, some more of these people found me.  These guys were sweet enough to get some of us from the restaurant into their sold out show, hang out with us in the VIP room, and be generally awesome, kind and funny.  And they had the audacity to call ME the rockstar!  

Here is The Barnacle created for Aaron of Awol Nation last night.  Thanks guys!

The Barnacle
1 1/2 oz Johnny Drum Bourbon
1/2 oz Willett Reserve Rye
1/2  oz Apricot liqueur
1/2 oz lemon
dash of ginger syrup

shake serve up

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