Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Pardi/Mardi Bowl!

We are in the middle of some fun times here in New Orleans!  The sun is shining, my bar is hoppin' and I sleep in a bed of glitter, feathers and body paint.  Its my first Carnival Season in New Orleans!

But wait...Time to take a break and through the biggest tailgating party of the year!!  Its the Super Bowl!  Though our beloved Saints were SABOTAGED this year from participation, we are very happy there will be no Dirty Birds in Nola, but the noble Ravens Vs the 49'ers...Forty Niners?  How does that go San Francisco?  I am just glad we don't have to deal with any teams that remind of of our genocidal past (I am looking at YOU DC!  Changer your logo to a Potato already!  The Fightin' Taters!  Your Cheer Leaders are the "Sweet Potatoes"...It will be GREAT!!)

So in honor of those two teams, I propose a shot for each of them. The Ravens get "The Edgar Allan Poe" (whose poem the team is named for since Poe is a son of Baltimore) Its Nola's own Toulouse Red Absinthe layered with a float of Guinness on top.

The 49ners get a shot of Fernet Branca...they love that stuff out on San Fran..sell more than any other place in the USA...even out sell Brooklyn!

So come into SoBou and visit me for some shots, chow and lets get ready for some Football!!!!!  

What do you say, Vincent Price?

or James Earl Jones?

Christopher Walken?

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