Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Incredible Honor

Photo: you are indeed a Bartendress as fine as they come!
Jill DeGroff sees me as this saucy minx!
On of the greatest honors you can have in our industry is to have your likeness drawn by the amazing incomparable Jill DeGroff.  Mrs. King Cocktail herself has for years been capturing the spirit and personality of the many characters on both sides of the bar.  She has published these works of art in her series of books. Lush Life, Portraits from the Bar.  And now she had done me the honor of drawing my likeness in front of my beautiful bar here at SoBou!  I love how she captured my crooked smile, my Fleur de lis and my bodacious ta ta's.  I even have a great Derby hat on!  Thank you so much Jill!  I am moved and so excited!  Whoo hoo!  I am a muse of the Saloon Artist!  Perfect, now that I have my own Saloon here in Nola!

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