Monday, March 12, 2012

It is a Talent and a Craft

Thank you to my Glasgow Bartender friends at Booly Mardy's for this below.

"Diplomatic, polyglot, like skilled ambassadors....discreet and reserved. They have good feel for psychology, and a deep understanding of human nature. They are father confessors, competent advisors on a multitude of complex and delicate issues. They are stoics, capable of enduring with unlimited comprehension and courtesy, all the incoherence of the mad world that sometimes condenses in a bar. They have the elegance of a symphony conductor, the precision of a surgeon ready to operate. They are the chemists of today, the botanists of the eighteenth century, and the alchemists of the middle ages, capable of willing the creation of cool, shining gold. They are experts in the topics of sport and international politics, but never give in to passionate discourse. They are philosophers, and when need be, telepaths.....and to top it off, they have the memory of an elephant"

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