Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear John Letter to a City

Dear New York,

This is hard to write.  My love for you is so strong and so deep.  There were times when I felt like we were the only two in this whole crazy world who truly understood each other.  You are so sexy and I loved to explore every inch of you.  We have such a beautiful history together stretching back thru generations of my family.  We went thru heartbreak together and when my soul felt empty, you were always there to fill it up.  And when you were down and out, when your very being was in doubt, I was so happy and proud to be there for you.  I nursed you through a difficult time and I will always be happy that I was there for you and helped you come out of that darkness.  Lord knows you brought me out of some dark times.  I will defend you and love you forever.

But we have been growing apart.  Henry David Thoreau said "city living was millions of people being lonesome together".  And I feel like you have been neglecting me.  I feel lonely...even in the warmth of your 24 hour presence.  I am getting tired of seeing my hopes and dreams ripped open for your approval and being met with indifference.  I'd like to say that its not you, its me...but the truth is, I feel the same and you have somehow changed.  Seems impossible, I know, but I see your head turn as you admire the younger shiny newbies, and it hurts me.  I just don't feel like you appreciate me anymore.  I feel like there is no room for me in your life.  I need to feel needed.  I need to feel wanted.  I need to be rewarded for my love and devotion.  I have earned that, no?

That is ok..really.  I understand.  I am happy that you are doing well.  I just don't feel the same.  I know you will always be there for me...we have too much history and love to truly fall into bad graces.  Perhaps this time apart will bring us both closer together in appreciation and love.  

Besides...I have met someone else.  New Orleans and I have always had a special relationship, but recently we have grown quite close.  She is warm, sweet and lately we have been thinking about taking our relationship to the next level.  The flutter in my heart has returned and I am filled with girlish glee whenever I see her.  She is beautiful and so proud, like you.  And I feel like she needs me.  So I am going to her.

Know that you have forever changed me and that my thoughts are with you always.

Lets keep in touch.

Love you,

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