Friday, October 07, 2011

The Speakeasy

This week I was lucky enough to appear on my friend and comrade in cocktails, Damon Boelte's radio show, The Speakeasy.  Have a listen!  It was so good to be back in a radio booth, even if it was in shipping container attached to the back to a pizza joint in Bushwick.  My dad was a radio broadcast journalist so this kind of stuff comes quite naturally to me.  It was an extra special episode as he was still recovering from his win at Star Chefs for best mixologist!  We had a great time and enjoyed some fine pizza and beer.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon...if I had a job that actually allowed Sunday afternoons.  We are already planning an all musical episode with booze songs.  Rock-n-Roll and Booze..well its just too perfect!


Dad said...

Thanks for the shout, #1!
Great medium...but pizza and beer make radio even better!

WonderGirl said...

ShoutOUT, Dad! Yeah..I bet you wish you had beer and pizza in the old RKO studios. Maybe you did!