Monday, March 07, 2011


Oh my! Tasted some lovely drams today. We are lucky enought to be staying at the Academy House behind Bruichladdich. We walk a few yard from our front door and have the sea and a very fine small independent distillery.  Opened in 1841 with a state of the art design, Bruichladdich today still uses the same system and equipment. It all runs quite well. While the owners took this distillery independent only 10 years ago, they still have loads of stock aging right here by the sea.  The master distiller, Jim McEwan is playing with finishing these barrels, which are mostly used bourbon, with different wood. I saw madira, port, buffalo trace, french reds, french white, rum etc...I tasted Perdro Xieminez and an amazing scotch finished in an ice wine barrel. Amazing!  There was an Octomore that had a green cinnamon smoke that reminded me of Mezcal.  I could drink this all day.

And we just chased some sheep down the road.  This distillery truly is the Happy Place!

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Ed said...

Ah, you bring back memories! Any job openings at that distillery?

Carmen Operetta said...

Tell Jim I said Hi! That will be my home for the first 2-3 weeks in Scotland. Islay is a magical little island with all it's beauty!