Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Academy at Bruichladdich

This is the scene I sit at right now dear friends. A much deserved cuddle by the fire with a dram of whiskey and a taste of gin.  Yes! Bruichladdich has a gin now...but I'll get to that later.

We arrived in preswick near Glasgow after a strange flight on Ryan Air. Bypassing my dear city of Glasgow, we headed straight into the highlands and through the Argyll National Forest.  It was a bit foggy out, but I suppose that only added to the beauty of this place.

We made the ferry in plenty of time and even had time to get thrown in Inveraray Jail. It was a great tour and a wonderful historical site.  Very different view to the past, however, than Killmainam Geol in Dublin.  That is not the only difference between the Irish and the Scots.  The colors here are so different, more rust and browns. Once again I am amazed at how the artists I have loved for years so perfectly captured the visula color and sense of a place. I felt that with the tuscan golds of italy and the pale blue and bright greens of France.  Walking through the National gallery in Dublin gave me a feeling of the beauty of the west in my beloved Burren and Connemara even though I could not make it there in person this trip.

What is making me feel at home here in Scotland is how many dogs there are! Not just working sheep dogs (though we did see one beauty being trained), but fine breed off all sorts getting walked, loved and welcomed everywhere we went...even on the ferry and in jail!

The ferry trip was taken mostly in the dark. My heart froze in my cheast as I stood out in the inky black infinite darkness on the bow of the boat. The sound of the water and the hum of the engine could not calm my nerves.  I am sure there was some stunning scenery flowing by, but at night in the dark of the unknown terrified me.

Speaking of horror...there are no pubs here! The towns are dark and quiet with civilized shops and hotels. Where is the craic, lads?!

Ah well, I suppose all is well and good now that I have a nice dram and a warm fire. We were welcomed with not only a dram of Bruichladdich Rocks, but their new Islay Dry Gin, The Botanist. It contains 22 native botanicals, including a juniper native to Islay Island.  It is wonderfly floral and soft.  I can already see me making a nice gin julep with my dad's chocolate mint.  Dad would love it here...except for all the dogs!

Dreaming in Cocktails

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