Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ingenious and Audacious

Today I have my second nation cocktail competition in two years. In my work haze, I have barely had time to get nervous. I hope I am ingenious and audacious enough (the apparent requirements) to warrant a trip to the world finals in New Zealand. I could really use a nice vacation to check out, fill my cup and mingle with some international bartender booty. This time I don't have to travel to NOLA for the finals are here in my own backyard at the Ace Hotel in NYC. Too bad it wasn't held in the Deuce Hotel. Then maybe I could get a free old fashioned typewriter with my room.

Anyone not watching the Oscars, come to the Ace Hotel's Liberty Hall tonight at 6:30pm to see my dog and pony show (oh if only I had Pal and a real pony! Then I would definitely win!!). Win or lose, I have a hotel room in my name and I intend to use quietly watch the end of the Oscars, cuddle under the smooth hotel sheets and briefly forget who and where I am.

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