Friday, January 28, 2011

Very Edible (and workable) Manhattan

The King Bee (Photos: Gabi Porter, Metromix)

In this week of Snowpocalypse 2.2, I was lucky enough to have two gigs in Manhattan. Its nice to have a reasonable commute by the glorious MTA and to leave my car buried under feet of snow with parking rules suspended. Double yhay.

My wonderful boss was kind enough to ask me to help him at the Edible Manhattan Good Spirits event at Le Poisson Rouge this past Tuesday. I love working these events because I get to see so many friends all in one place and I get to try so many delicious pairings of food and cocktails. Well I try...its hard when you are pumping out over 500 cocktails in less than 3 hours.

Our Famous Deviled Eggs

But oh, what a cocktail it was! St John came up with the delightful King Bee, a tasty mix of Comb Vodka infused with Darjeeling tea, lemon, benedictine and topped with sparkling wine. Comb Vodka is made locally up in Port Chester, NY from pure honeycomb. The "vodka" title is a bit of a misnomer being that it is only distilled twice and the honey flavor really comes through nicely.

Check out some great pictures of the event by my neighbor Gabi Porter from Metromix here!

Me and the Bossman
You can see we look exhausted after this we stumbled over to Peels (which is like Fort Defiance on Manhattan steroids) for a staff meeting. It was so crowded when we came in and I noticed a large table in the back being occupied by only two gentlemen. I mockingly chastised them for hogging the whole table and they smiled but suddenly I noticed why they had the table to was Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend. Yikes! Maybe I am not ready for Manhattan. I am not so good with the VIPs.

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