Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy Holidaze!

I started celebrating early last night when I saw (via a friend on Twitter, wow, 21st century) that a cocktail of mine was going to be featured in the NY Times. I have my wonderful benevolent boss, St John Frizell to thank for this.

Of course he knew I would jump at the opportunity to make cocktails that went with specific occasions during the Holidays. I can't let a Holiday go by without creating an appropriate cocktail. In fact, for this assignment I created a few cocktails. The Happy Holidaze made the cut. I am so glad it did since The Happy Holidaze is what I called our yearly cocktail house party. I am looking forward to going out with the gang to sing Christmas Carols in Red Hook this year. I think for us pros we can add a smidge of Bourbon to the Holidaze too. What better way to make your singing more robust than knocking back a few of these puppies?! Stage fright? Nervous about singing off key? This drink puts the Daze back in Holidaze. I think Deck the Halls needs an air guitar solo...Go for it!!

Here is the another seasonal scenario that calls for a special cocktail, staying up the Christmas Eve to assemble the gifts for the kids. That tricycle we got for the lil' tike is way more complicated to put together than we thought. Tequila is a stimulant, to help you stay up past bedtime and the agave is a healthier option for raising your blood sugar (save the cookies for Santa). Plus, its nice to celebrate a lovely milestone as parents by having a little fun on your own as a couple. The Mistletoe makes the work easy!

The Mistletoe
1 oz Tequila Blanco
1/2 oz agave nectar
top with champagne and lime twist

Build ingredients in a wine glass.

"For Every Holiday Party, the Right Drink"
[NY Times]

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Ross said...

Congratulations on publishing a drink in the NY Times! I saw that article online and was very pleasantly surprised to see your name!