Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wearing Many Hats

I am up after about 4 hours asleep.  This has been average for this week.  At least I woke up on my own with no quacking ducks or ruckus in the bathroom to disturb my slumber.  Did you know I have actually gone to the gym and worked out for an hour the past three days?  

I guess it gave me the energy to keep going...that and the fact that I can't seem to catch a buzz.  Perhaps my conscious won't let me lose control with so much work to do. Or perhaps, like last year, I am far too excited to take in every moment than waste precious time feeling poorly due to over endulging.  Lack of money has kept both the eating and drinking in check and quite frankley the quality of the free booze and food has made it easy not to over do it.

It has been streesful acting as NYC bartender, Brand Ambassador, Sales Rep, media blogger and regular old good time Abigail who wants to get some fun time action.  I wear a lot of hats, and I look good in all of them, but it takes it's toll on me when I am left feeling torn about what direction I should really be going in.  Do I want to move to this beautiful hot mess of a city and start a new life again? What is waiting for me when I return to NYC? How much longer can I cobble together a rent check being pulled in the many directions of my passions?  And will this soft spot of lonliness in my heart ever be filled by a partner worthy enough and up to the challenge of my life and love?

After the past week, there is nothing I feel I can't do.  New Orleans seems to give me a strength and power that is endless.  I need to hold on to this feeling and constantly be reminded of the joy and pain that comes with living a life that fills in from all directions.  A life filled with many cross roads and many journeys to take.  A life filled with love, alcohol and clothes on the floor.

So today I am up early because I still have a lot of work to do.  I have my final seminar this morning and I have to bid adieu to the Hotel Monteleone and to many friends that I may not see again for another year or more.  I have to move over to my beloved Marigny and my victorian hideaway on Esplande, The Lamothe House.  Then I am going to see Terry at Electric Ladyland Tattoo and he will give me a permanent and painful reminder of this feeling of empowerment, joy and sorrow that will always be a part of this city, this experience...this life.

Then I am going to dance my arse off with a New Orleans Swing Band at d.b.a on 613 Frenchman st from 5pm on.  

I hope you can come celebrate with me.  If not, then be there in spirit and raise a glass to RyeGirl, Tales of the Cocktail and New Orleans. Louisiana.

Dreaming in Cocktails

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Eileen Charbonneau said...

Thank you for putting us there with you via your glorious prose.