Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Pain in the Killer

So yesterday after a sultry day and a work out at the gym, I planned on going home to change into a Tiki inspired outfit for the opening of Painkiller. Instead I had to hang around downtown for possible work reasons and had to buy an emergency dress (and a sexy new French bra to properly fit in said dress...Oo la la!). But the time I got to Painkiller, it was packed with hot sweaty masses and load of people outside waiting to get in. I was feeling sluggish (lugging around 8 bottles of Rum and Tequila will do that to ya) and was getting a bit miffed as I watched my friends disappear one by one inside while I somehow stayed outside.

I am old school NYC girl and I do not cotton to waiting in line. Particularly when I know this is a place I will come back to many times over. What is the point?

Besides...I have updates from friends inside on the Twitter.

Thanks to @drinkswmindy for the shot

So I took off defeated and flummoxed and just wanting a bit of special attention.

Thank goodness for Esteban, who had a brilliant plan to go to Daniel for a drink. Why not? I did have my sexy new bra on...even if I did pair it with white and green Pumas. And I just need to feel special.

Well if a gorgeous $19 drink poured over an ice ball with a rose pedal in it does not make you feel special, nothing will.

The New York Sling

Daniel's cocktail program is straightforward and approachable and anyone could like these drinks (like Fort Defiance). The drinks are extremely drinkable, refreshing and served with that flair and professionalism that warrants the big price tag for a treat. Every once in a while you need to splurge to make yourself feel a bit better. Like my sexy new French Bra.

Susan behind the bar was a doll and gave us a sampling of their famous petite fours and some tastes of the other drinks. I was enamored with the rose nectar used in my New York Sling and tickled by the White Cosmopolitan on the list...That was a drink me and my Cocktail Daddy discovered years ago!

After that we closed down The Subway Inn with Miguel and played jukebox music til the wee hours of the morning. I sang along with Kansas, danced salsa and toasted my brothers with sweet Irish Whiskey.

Pain killed.

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