Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Love Bartenders Who Play

Last night I had the best Margarita ever using my Luna Sueno Anejo. The very talented Miguel at Toloache in mid-town spent a lot of time smelling and tasting my Tequila. That is good I like that. Tequilas can be so different, like the botanical quality in gins, there there is a host of different flavors you can play with and bring out.

I have always liked the salty briny quality of the Anejo (wonder if it would make for a good Pickleback?), but Miguel found a softer side to it. Not a sure recipe, but what I caught going into the shaker was, Luna Sueno Anejo, Agavero (Tequila liquor with Damiana), lemongrass, and an egg white. This was shaken until frothy and served on the rocks with a beautiful lemongrass garnish.

The taste was outstanding. Fragrant and light with a touch of sweetness, but still the unique flavor of the Anejo came through! I was very impressed. Maybe it was the result of the Damiana, a known aphrodisiac, but it was the best Anejo tequila drink I have ever had! It went very well with the spicy guac and fish tacos we ordered too.

Fish Tacos?! Yum yum yum! Like Thanksgiving!*

I would have loved to have taken a picture, but the drink was finished too fast! I guess I'll just have to go back. But how do I order it again? We didn't even name it!

I guess just ask for Miguel, Lemongrass and Luna Sueno Anejo.

*Obscure Stella joke that probabaly only my sister will get.

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