Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gin, Sin and Men

I have to quote the great LeNell in my post title because, yes, I have been distracted by all of the above and neglecting my poor blog. Well, actually its more like work getting in the way and that is a sin 'cuz I got no time for men!

With the stretch of good weather we have been having I have been trying to take advantage and sell some rum and tequila for Mojito and Margarita season on the horizon! Also with this great weather I have been riding the bike around a lot (Bike butt!) and want to use it on some sales calls. Can you see me with saddlebags on my bike full of booze? Literally "pedaling" my wares...Har har har. But seriously, how else am I gonna get to Red Hook?

But if there is one thing true in my post title, it would be the Gin. Yesterday Beefeater and Plymouth hosted a Gin Symposium in the beautiful Great Room of the W Hotel in Union Square. I have so much to write about, and shall, once I get a free moment to translate my scribbly notes.

In the meantime, its raining now, my bike butt hurts and I have to go out sell and then have Bar Celona all to myself. So come visit! I will be your waitress/bar wench..and I have some nice new gin cocktails! Perfect for Tuesday night Sinnin'!

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