Friday, March 05, 2010

Creme Yvette

Yhay! Spring Cocktails are here!!

With breathless anticipation, the cocktail literati have awaited the arrival of this violet lady, Creme Yvette. A must for certain classic cocktails such as the Blue Moon and the Aviation, this purple liquor similar to Creme de Violette was lost to time and neglect. But Ron Cooper, who recently celebrated 3 years of St Germain success, has resurrected this brand in a classic old fashioned bottle. His family has owned the rights to this recipe for years, but it fell out of favor and was discontinued in 1969.

No more! I got my hands on a the lady Yvette today at a tasting at Astor Wines and immediately popped it open to mix with some Luna Sueno tequila.

I tweeked a recipe created by myself and Jake Sher from Beekman Bar and Books. Jake originally made it with Monin Violet syrup, Luna Sueno Blanco and chocolate mole bitters. The flora notes of the blanco made for a lovely spring-like pairing with the violet and the chocolate rounds it out nicely.

I tried it later with some Creme de Violette, but I really like it with our lovely lady Yvette. The violet flavor is lighter and there are nice round berry and even some vanilla notes and its a strong proof, but still sweet and smooth. Quite lovely. I christened this drink the Violet Beauregarde after the character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

To celebrate my new beautiful bottle and the lovely Ms. Beauregarde, Reid and I got all dolled up in our best for "smaltzing" around the house and then watched the season premiere of Web Soup.
We are so FABulous! Johnny Weir would be proud!

The Violet Beauregarde
By Jake Sher & Abigail Gullo

2 oz Luna Sueno Blanco

1 1/4 oz Creme Yvette
healthy dash of fresh squeezed Lime juice
3 dashes of Mole Chocolate Bitters

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