Friday, February 05, 2010

Shakleton's Booze

The Endurance trapped in pack ice. Photo by Frank Hurley
I have always loved the story of the doomed/blessed journey of Sir Ernest Shakleton. His ship, the Endurance, was trapped in pack ice off the shores of Antarctica and he led all his men, and his dog Samson to safety; an amazing feat to this day. There was a great NOVA special about it and the trails and tribulations of the group were captured by photographer Frank Hurley.

They have recently discovered some booty from this expedition: His Booze! Yes, crates of whisky and Brandy have been found and are now carefully being carved out of the ice.

Ice cold whisky!!
Not only its it an important find for Shakleton buffs, but it can be of great importance to the whisky company too. Chas McKinley & Co distillers seems to have lost their original recipe for their whisky. Using modern techniques and samples of the 100 year old whisky from the find, they can perhaps re-discover and duplicate this recipe.

I look forward to tasting Shakleton's Special Cask sometime in the next hundred years, boys! Now get crackin' on that whisky!

"Shakleton's Booze found in the Antarctic"


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