Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Henry Higgins

The Henry Higgins
Today is a very special day. It is the birthday of my Cocktail Daddy, Kent Pierce!

As a news reporter for Channel 8 WTNH in New Haven, I know he was very busy working during this Snowpocalypse we are having here in the tri-state area. But he did reward himself with a birthday cocktail of a Dry Gin Martini with an olive. I went into my kitchen to raise a glass to the great man and fully expected to make the same but, horror!, I have run out of dry vermouth! Well, I always have that old bottle that has been on my cart for ages, but I would not dare use that for a cocktail in honor of Kent Pierce!

So after settling on some Bluecoat Gin, I searched for a tasty compliment to add the RyeGirl twist to this cocktail. I was thinking of a Martinez instead, but then discovered a bottle of Tremontis Myrtle Liqueur rescued form the Winebow Spirits show on Monday. A touch with the Bluecoat stirred over ice and I had a perfect twist on the Kent Pierce Birthday drink.

I named this drink in honor of the character Kenton played in High School. I was his Eliza Doolittle, natch. I think Professor Higgins, by all counts a worldly and learned man, would have appreciated the Italian twist that brings a dry London gin flavor to the refreshing, very American Bluecoat Gin. Italians don't speak English, and in American they haven't spoken it for years!

Happy Birthday, Darling!

Oh! And if you want to see his hot "Treated, Not Treated" Road it is!


John said...

"By jove old man you did it! you did it! you did it!"

Kent said...

I am honored! I can't wait to try a "Henry Higgins" myself. Thank you for the kind words.