Friday, February 26, 2010

Alex Day's Last Night

We are having Snowpocalypse 3.0 here in NYC, but the snow didn't dampen our spirits as we headed to Death & Co to visit Alex Day on his final night.

Alex is leaving us for the sunny skies of La La Land, and on a night like tonight, who can blame him?
But ever the genial barkeep, Alex fixed our drinks with his trademark smile and wonderful attitude. He even created an Old Fashioned Slushie with a snowball Enzo brought in from the howling blizzard outside. Snowball Mixology? Snowbology!

Snowball Slushie Old Fashioned

The fine city of Los Angeles is getting a real gem and I look forward to visiting the new place Alex is opening up with Death & Co owner David Kaplan. I don't think there will be any snowballs in the cocktails however.

My last drink from Alex in NYC? Rye Bartender's Choice, of course! Perfection!

Alex Day's Rye Choice
"Alex Day to Bartend his last night at Death & Co"
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