Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whisk(e)y Master and Mistress!

Skyy Spirits World Class Whiskies held a beautiful event Sunday night at The Back Room. It was called Meet the Masters and included legendary Skyy Spirits Whisk(e)y Distillers. The speakeasy feel of the bar was a perfect place to honor Whiskey, a key spirit that was kept alive and actually became more popular during Prohibition. There were featured cocktails, and tasting tables in the cozy room. At each table a Mast Distiller himself held court. It was a lovely way to sip, savor and learn about the productions on these fine Whiskeys.

A personal highlight for me was meeting Jimmy Russell, the distiller behind my own personal favorite
Wild Turkey brand. I learned from Jimmy that down in Kentucky, they don't call it Turkey, they call it 101. That brand is far more popular than the 80 proof in his home state. Though he was mum on the secret recipe, he did confirm that Wild Turkey is heavy on the Rye, always has been. It may be more expensive to produce it this way, but Mr. Russell wants it done right and is happy to be working with a group that allows him too. It was such an honor to sip Russell's Reserve Bourbon and Rye with Mr. Jimmy Russell himself.

Besides these wonderful pockets of whiskey wonderland, there was a bar set up for playtime. You know I love to play, so I got behind the bar and with some consulting help from a Mr. Jason Codd, created the Spring Training. A tasty fresh mix of maple syrup, rosemary, Bourbon and fresh grapefruit. This drink was given to the Master's to taste and my cocktail ended up winning the night! I received this glorious trophy signed by the Master's themselve
The Winners!

Too much fun, too many Scotsmen, and too much whis

We retired next door at Nurse Bettie to continue the celebration with gifted bartender Moses. A few cocktails and picklebacks later my last tweet of the night was "Help me! Moses!"

Featured Whiskies from the Skyy Spirits Portfolio included:
Cutty Sark

The Glenrothes

Glen Grant




Wild Turkey/Russell's Reserve

Tullamore Dew

Try them all..I did! And lived to tell the tale.

The (award winning) Spring Training

2 oz Russell Reserve 6 year old Bourbon
1 1/2 oz fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice

1 barspoon Maple syrup

Fresh rosemary

Pull the leaves off of one branch of rosemary and muddle with the maple syrup in the bottom of the shaker. Ad juice and bourbon and shake well with ice. Twist a grapefruit peel over the drink and garnish with fresh rosemary.

Pure Whiskey Joy

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