Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Silver Lining...

Its true..the last 10 years were pretty horrible. But as the NY Times pointed out yesterday, if you were a drinker, thinks actually got much better.

The bar has been raised, and some of us can never go back. We will always seek out the latest place to enjoy a well crafted Manhattan, or a new twist on the Old-Fashioned, much like foodies follow the burger craze.

Today I was thinking that maybe I have tasted all I need to taste. But after a conversation with my
Libations Girl this afternoon, I realized that even the simplest three ingredient cocktail can take on new levels of pleasure and satisfaction in the right hands.

Town by town, city by city, little pockets of the cocktail kingdom are expanding. I was thinking about moving to the lil' upstart Portland, Oregon, but in a conversation in my favorite lavatory in Brooklyn last night, I discovered things are really, "blowing up" in San Diego.

Now...the weather there seems much more inviting, so if there really is a new cocktail movement in sunny San Diego, that might be a destination for this RyeGirl.

I am already a San Diego Super Chargers fan, I have a bedroom to stay in (Thanks Mary Karen!) and since I cannot seem to find a decent single man on this coast, perhaps I will try the left coast.

Maybe my silver lining is in a cloudless sunny sky.

"A Good Decade to have a Drink"
[NY Times]

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Carmen Operetta said...

Hey Rye Girl,
Are you referring to me? I'm the Libation Girl w/o a (s). Luv ya and you better stay in NYC darn it!

Carmen Operetta:)