Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living the Lush Life at the Agave Luncheon

Serving the Lady Eve
Last week I had the pleasure of presenting Luna Sueno tequila at a special Agave Luncheon at Los Feliz on the lower east side. It was such a honor and a pleasure to present with some great leaders of this wonderful corner of the market. Besides Tequilas, Mezcal and agave nectar, were were treated to some amazing cocktails. And of course it was all documented by the lovely folks at Lush Life Productions.

And the food at Los Feliz is amazing too! I will be going back for ceviche and a nice Luna Sueno Anejo soon. Care to join me?

Beautiful pictures from Lush Life productions and the Agave luncheon can be seen at the link below:

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