Monday, August 10, 2009

Mad for Gin and Tonic

My favorite hot summer drink in my favorite retro hat

Its day two of Mad Men-athon here as we get ready for the season three premiere this Sunday. Season two has been on all day and has been my soundtrack as I shuffle around the apartment drinking wine ala Betty..I from home.

But now that the sun has passed below the horizon, its time for a cocktail. So in honor of poor Betty I will jazz up a Gin and Tonic. I used Rouge's Spruce gin which had a funky
spruce (go figure) taste I love. Fitting for a Gin from the Pacific Northwest, I think. I also spruced (ha! the puns keep coming!) the gin up with some Bitter Truth Bitters. A couple of dashes of Celery and Lemon to herb it up will do nicely. Then top it off with organic tonic, add lemon wheel and retro straw. I am ready to swizzle my way through the rest of season two and this sultry evening.

Betty's Gin & Tonic
3oz Gin
4oz Tonic
Dash of Celery & Lemon Bitters

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