Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dirty, Dirty Girl

Oh I just had a magical evening in the Crescent City...I enjoyed such good food and fine company! I don't want it to ever end! And of course I should have known it would start out so delightful a day when it began by making up cocktails at the spinning Carousel Bar at the Monteleone.

I have such fond memories of the Bloody Marys in this town and have yet to have one after three mornings here! For shame! So with the inspiration of my darling Francine and Heidi and our dirty dirty girl talk in the room yesterday, I created the Dirty, Dirty Girl Bloody Mary. Of course it had to contain my Luna Sueno Reposado, Dirty Sue Martini mix, spicy Tabasco Bloody, lots of lime and the essential for any respectable (respectably naughty) Bloody Mary; Bitter Truth Celery Bitters. That Dirty Sue is a salty hussy, so the lime knocks her back to the smooth. And the Celery adds essential flavor and spice without adding more salt. This bitter clearly needs to be at any bar right next to the Worcestershire when concocting a decent (or indecent) mix.

Yum, being dirty can be so very Delicious.

Dirty, Dirty Girl
3 oz Luna Sueno Reposado
2 oz Bloody mix (take your time and make it fresh, you can be more creative with the flavors that way)
3/4 oz Dirty Sue Martini Mix
Juice of 1/2 fresh lime (squeeze it just right, baby)
Healthy dose of Bitter Truth Celery bitters
Picked Okra, Green beans and other nourishing bits of south for your mouth

Shake it, Baby, don't break it.

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