Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oktoberfest (Revisited)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...been caught up in that post-holidaze, rainy day depression. Gosh it is dreary here. And this article on barrel ages beers only served to remind me of the idiot ex who left $100 worth of fancy beer in my backseat in plain view for Christmas Eve thieves..I never did get to try that $35 bottle of Abbey du Saint-Bon Chien. I swear there is not a day that goes by when I don't mentally raise a fist in anger to the heavens at what a dolt I wasted my time with. And its been over a year! Like I said..January can be rough.

But here is some good news! Oktoberfest is coming back to the Bell House this Monday! And so is the absolute darling Alex Meixner! This Grammy nominated artist not only puts on a rockin' show, but he is absolute doll! Look how adorable he is!

I want to squeeze those cheeks!
What a joy it is to down large mugs of fine German beer and polka the night away on a cold January night. So come out and join me for Oktoberfest Revisited and save a dance for me! I'll be the one dressed like the St Paulie Girl.

[Roll out the Barrel, Open your Wallet]
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