Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little Branch

Photo by Carmen Lopez and AJ Wilhel

How much to I love this place? Let me count the ways...
  1. Its right next to my gym, giving me motivation to get in a few more laps in the pool to earn my rewards
  2. Its in my old neighborhood and used to be some shady gay bar that I loved 15 years ago
  3. They always give us our favorite booth in back tucked in the corner with old pictures and candlelight so I feel like I am at home.
  4. The drinks are perfect, well balanced, well crafted and always strikes the right note.
  5. There is a drink called The Cock and Bull.
  6. The staff is knowledgeable as to the types of liquor used, the history and origin of the drink, and what everything tastes like.
  7. The sign in the bathroom says no namedropping and no star f***ing and their soap smells like peppermint and they have real cloth towels.
  8. The small place is always civilized and calm, even when packed.
  9. The Bartender's Choice is always MY choice as well. Its like he/she knows me and what I like.
  10. It is my Cocktail Daddy's favorite place too. Its nice to have friend with taste as good as your own!

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