Thursday, September 20, 2007

High Cocktail Noon

I leave for San Francisco next Tuesday to complete in the Chow Cocktail Square Off!

It’s an Iron Chef style cocktail throw down between a professional bartender and myself. I will be recreating my Flying Fig for the judges. I will also be asked to create a 2nd cocktail from fresh ingredients found at the farmers market that morning. A third cocktail will be created using a “secret ingredient” that the judges will reveal that day. I feel good and I will do my very best. I already feel like a winner, getting to compete in such a fun event!

I went to the farmer’s market in Union Square yesterday to test my skills. I would love to say I practiced on Adam, but the Chef has been so busy lately and didn’t come home until well after 4am! There was so delicious herbs and a lot of berries. There is going to be some fine drinking there, and if you are in the San Francisco area, I suggest you check it out!

1 comment:

Ross said...

You are gonna "rock the house" as the kids say these days. Kick some ass, NY style, Abby!